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404 Drum Kit - Volume 2

404 Drum Kit - Volume 2

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Elevate Your Hip Hop Beats with the 404 Drum Kit Vol. 2

100 High-Quality WAV drum samples meticulously crafted for modern hip hop production.


  • Explosive Kicks & Snares: Lay down the foundation with powerful kicks and versatile snares, perfect for any subgenre of hiphop.
  • Crisp Hi-Hats: Craft intricate hi-hat patterns with ease using 10 included MIDI files.
  • Thumping 808s: Build that signature trap foundation with deep and powerful 808 samples.
  • Bonus: Expand your sonic palette with 10 custom RC-20 presets (free).

Genre-Versatility: These meticulously crafted samples were made with trap music in mind, but will seamlessly integrate into any hip hop subgenre.

Royalty-Free: Focus on your music - all sounds are 100% royalty-free.

Download the 404 Drum Kit Vol. 2 today and take your beats to the next level.

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