Huge V Collection X Update! - What's New In Arturia's V Collection X

Huge V Collection X Update! - What's New In Arturia's V Collection X


Arturia's V Collection X has been in the spotlight for a few weeks now, and it brings a host of new instruments to the table that are worth examining. Let's delve into what the V Collection X has to offer, showcasing some intriguing additions to this renowned collection.

Pianos & Electric Pianos

The V Collection X encompasses an extensive range of instruments, building upon the foundation of its predecessor bundles. This includes an array of analog and digital synth emulations, impressive key plugins, and the introduction of hybrid instruments in the form of augmented plugins. Notably, owning the V Collection grants expanded functionality to the Analog Lab plugin, allowing individual access to each instrument within a preset for further customization.

Pianos & Electric Pianos Section

Arturia provides a comprehensive selection of Pianos and Electric Pianos, catering to diverse musical needs. The Piano V captures the essence of acoustic pianos, while the collection now features three E Pianos, modeled after real hardware. The Stage 73 V replicates the Rhodes Mark V, the revamped Wurli V3 mirrors the Wurlitzer 200A, and the new addition, CP-70 V, pays homage to Yamaha's legendary 1976 electro-acoustic Piano. The CP-70 V, with its unique design bridging acoustic and electric realms, retains the vintage sound of the original while offering modern tools like FX and presets for further sound sculpting.

Analog Synths

The Analog Synth section constitutes the largest portion of the V Collection, featuring emulations of iconic synths such as the Prophet 5, Juno-6, and Korg MS-20. The Acid V, a new addition inspired by the Roland TB-303, carries a rich history. Originally marketed as a bass synthesizer to replace the bass guitar, the TB-303 found its place in electronic music, giving birth to the acid genre. Arturia's Acid V adds modulation and effects settings, with over 50 presets to explore.

Digital Synths and Keyboards

While there are no new additions in the Digital Synth or Keyboard categories, a standout plugin in the bundle is the Mellotron V. Its distinctive, vintage sound, reminiscent of old tape recordings, adds a unique touch to genres like dark trap and drill beats. Arturia carefully retains the subtle tape noises in the plugin, paying homage to the original Mellotron's character.

Augmented Series

Arturia's Augmented Series, introduced over the last couple of years, merges high-quality sampled instruments with synthesis, creating a hybrid sound. The V Collection X now includes Augmented Strings, Voiced, Brass, Woodwinds, and Grand Piano. These plugins feature a morphing knob to blend sampled and synthesized layers, along with an advanced section for in-depth customization. Each plugin in the Augmented Series comes with a variety of presets.

Pricing Considerations

Pricing is always a crucial factor, and the V Collection X comes with a regular price of $599. However, the cost can vary based on existing Arturia products, potentially going as low as $199 for V Collection 9 owners. At the box price of $599, each of the 38 plugins averages out to an impressive $15, making it a substantial value considering the wealth of sounds and capabilities included.

In conclusion, Arturia's V Collection X stands as a comprehensive and versatile tool for music producers and enthusiasts alike. With its diverse range of instruments, meticulous emulations, and innovative additions, it continues to be a powerhouse in the realm of music production software. Whether you are a seasoned producer or a newcomer, the V Collection X offers a rich palette of sounds to inspire your creative journey.


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